Zacaria Group


In January 2008, Zacaria Developments was the first company formed by Alf Mizzi & Sons in Sibiu, Romania. Today Zacaria Developments makes up just one of ten companies that currently constitute the Zacaria Group. Zacaria Group’s headquarters are located at the Zacaria Business Center, 193 Strada Stefan Cel Mare, Sibiu.

The initial and primary objective of Zacaria was to “seek out and purchase lands in beautiful high value locations for resale or residential development”. A year after its inception, Zacaria delved into the ownership of a large communist-era industrial building which was refurbished, compartmentalised and rented out. This first investment in an industrial building has resulted in 6 years of sustained growth.

Today Zacaria Group owns 5 industrial buildings which have a collective square area of 71,000m2 and residential land of 108,000m2, of which 30,000m2 is under development and comprises of two residential projects – one of 46 houses and the other of 72 apartments in four blocks. As the residential market grows stronger the Zacaria Group will continue to develop residential projects.

The companies that now form part of the Zacaria Group include: General Logistics, United Logistics, Western Logistics, Central Logistics, Industrial Logistics, Zacaria Developments, Zac-Dev Surii Mici, Zac-Dev Strand, Mizzescu Developments and Fontana Developments.

Based on a solid business foundation, the Zacaria Group remains flexible enough to quickly adapt to changes in the market. The solid reputation of Zacaria and its flexibility to be able to adapt quickly to market change has led to a demand for the company’s services across the country. With a view to satisfy client demand, Zacaria is aggressively seeking new investments in key locations in Romania.