In January 2008, Alf Mizzi & Sons founded Zacaria Developments in Sibiu, Romania. At first, the company focused on acquiring lands in high value locations, however only a year after its inception, Zacaria ventured into the industrial real-estate sector by purchasing a large, communist-era, industrial building, which was remodelled into a modern logistics & manufacturing centre, and quickly rented out.

Over the next years Zacaria continued to acquire, in strategic locations, a large number of run down industrial buildings, refurbish and modernise them, and rent them out. As demand for Zacaria managed industrial buildings continued to grow, and the number of communist era buildings available on the market start to decline, Zacaria has, in the last couple of years, started to construct brand-new Class-A industrial buildings.

By gradually expanding its investments throughout the country, Zacaria today, owns and manages, either constructed or in construction, 10 industrial parks and office buildings, in 6 large cities, covering an area of more than 560.000 m2 of which 350,000 m2 is industrial buildings & offices, and 210,000 m2 is parking and circulation. As a result, Zacaria has secured a place amongst the 5 most active developers in Romania.

In 2010, Zacaria started its first residential project in Sibiu. Over the next years, three more residential projects were launched, one more in Sibiu, and two in the country’s capital Bucharest. Today the company has 6 residential projects. With more than 780 apartments and 120 Villas in development, Zacaria decided to create a new brand for its residential division called “VALLETTA”, a name that symbolises the company’s origins, and includes projects such as Valletta Residence (www.vallettaresidence.ro), Valletta Towers, Valletta Gardens, Valletta Park, Valletta Valley and Valletta Lane.

As both models of business, Residential and Industrial Parks (www.zacaria.ro, www.zacaria-industrial-parks.ro) are proving to be successful, the company continues to focus on expanding these two models of business whilst actively seeking to invest in, and capitalise on, other opportunities that Romania continues to present.

Zacaria’s headquarters are located in Sibiu, in Zacaria Business Centre, 193 Stefan cel Mare. The company currently employs 54 Romanians with an average age of 29, and manages 18 Romanian companies which operate both the industrial and residential projects. With a solid reputation, 10 years of experience, and a personal approach to doing business, Zacaria’s projects have and will continue to make a lasting impact on the Romanian business environment and urban development.